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[Video] Helpful tips for pelvic girdle pain

April 19, 2017



Do you experience pelvic girdle pain? This type of pain can be common during pregnancy and postpartum stages of life BUT doesn't need to become your new normal.

This can be pain in the front, side or back of your pelvis (includes your public symphysis, sacroiliac joint or tailbone). 

For more tips on how to carry out daily movements with less pain such as walking, pushing a stroller, cleaning and so much more -> check out the FREE app called "Rost Moves Mama" created by Cecile Rost, a Dutch physiotherapist who has completed research using pelvic symmetry techniques that help women during pregnancy and postpartum who experience pelvic girdle pain.

I have used Cecile's symmetry techniques and took her course taught be the amazing Susannah Britnell, a physiotherapist from western Canada and learned key assessment and treatment techniques that have greatly helped clients relieve their pain! If you're a health professional, I highly recommend taking this course! More info can be found at (There is an English and Dutch website).

If you're experiencing pelvic girdle pain and want to try Cecile's symmetry techniques at home check out her book "Relieving Pelvic Pain during and after Pregnancy".

Please note, if you try these symmetry techniques prior to seeing a health professional and they do not provide relief, it could be because your pain may not be coming from your pelvic girdle (sometimes low back symptoms and other areas of the body can be felt as pelvic girdle pain) 


you may have muscle tension (including your pelvic floor) that needs to be released to free up the movement of the pelvis to allow the symmetry exercises to be effective.

Seeing a health professional near you who addresses pelvic girdle pain can be helpful with guiding the best treatment for your needs.

Please share this info with anyone you know who may be experiencing pelvic girdle pain. No one should have to deal with it including women who are pregnant or have given birth.









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