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[Podcast] The Importance of Including a Doula in Your Birthing/Postpartum Team, with Samantha Garcia

In today’s episode, Anita welcomes special guest, Samantha Garcia Gagnon, who will be chatting all about the role of a birth doula and postpartum doula. Since having her own kids, Anita uses and shares doula information in combination with physiotherapy expertise in her physical practice and Bump to Birth Method, while encouraging folks to have the support of a doula as part of their birth prep (and recovery) team.

Samantha Garcia Gagnon is a birth worker, specialized as a home birth doula and childbirth educator. “I am here to help un-complicate it all for you. With my experience both as a parent myself and as a doula in our community, I bring to your pregnancy and birth the knowledge and understanding to help you experience a deeply connected physiologic birth at home. This journey isn’t just about birthing a baby, but also about birthing new parents.”






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