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[Podcast] - The First 6 Weeks Postpartum

In today’s To Birth & Beyond Podcast episode we talk about the real deal with the first 6 weeks after giving birth. If you’re pregnant, early postpartum or know someone who is – you cannot miss this episode!

Key points discussed:

  • Common pelvic floor issues that shouldn’t be considered your new normal after giving birth

  • What the 6 week check up with your care provider really tells you about your physical recovery

  • How support during these early weeks can affect your recovery

  • The shift in focus from ‘mom’ to ‘baby’ postpartum and how this can affect how you feel

  • The realistic side of ‘self care’ postpartum

  • Tips of how to not loose yourself during this new journey of motherhood

Our take home for you is to know you are NOT alone in your postpartum experience. We want you to be armed with information before you give birth or soon after to help with your physical, mental and emotional recovery.

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