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[Video] Your Body After Baby - how to navigate postpartum changes

Join me and Dr. Gillian Sawyer, pre/postnatal chiropractor and mom of two to learn tips on how to normalize your postpartum experience and understand your 'new' body.

Because the transition into motherhood can be rough...

Because it can be lonely...

Because you probably had that experience of “nobody told me...” or thinking “you were the only one”... Let’s ditch the “perfection of motherhood”.

Let’s let our guards down just a tiny bit and tell people how we are REALLY doing. Let’s stop the stigmas around mental health.

Let’s give ourselves permission to not be OK... because it’s ok to not be ok I

f you agree with the above but feel you’ve had no resources and no accurate information to navigate through postpartum healing and motherhood? @DrGillianSawyer created the #YourBodyAfterBaby program for you 👉🏼 an online program for mamas designed to help normalize your postpartum experience.

The Your body after baby program includes:

•video interviews with 16 women’s health professionals/experts/advocates from around the world on all things postpartum... mental health, hormonal health, Core & Pelvic Floor Health and returning to exercise postpartum including my interview with Dr. Gillian Sawyer about sex after baby and the importance of processing your birth experience to help with postpartum healing.

•3 video workshops with Dr. Gillian Sawyer (the creator of the YBAB program) on your core/pelvic floor/breathing/alignment/diastasis

•downloadables, guides, articles and recipes from our experts

•a 25 minute guided Yoga Nidra practice

•free access to our #YBAB Mamas online community. THIS work is so important and I can wait for you to get your hands on all of this content! ✨

Find out more and to register for #YourBodyAfterBaby :




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