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[Video] Perineal Massage - preparing your pelvic floor for birth

Have you heard of perineal massage to help prepare your pelvic floor for birth? It may help decrease tearing and also mentally prepare you for the stretching feeling during birth. Included in the video are two techniques that I teach my prenatal clients. If you find perineal massage very painful, or have pain with intercourse, pelvic exams or inserting a tampon - seeing a pelvic health physiotherapist can help you release tension in your pelvic floor which can resolve your pain and help prepare you for birth. Also be sure to check out the Flower Bloom Breath video to learn how to use your breath to relax your pelvic floor during the massage and birth. For more of my top tips of how to prepare for a positive, fear free birth - don't miss out on my free e-resource guide:




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