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Holistic Health Physiotherapy will help you prepare your body for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Strengthen and restore your pelvic floor & core at any stage in life.


Peterborough, Ontario

Are you frustrated dealing with pain during pregnancy?
Are you confused with how to strengthen your core during pregnancy and after birth?
Are you wanting to prepare your pelvic floor and core for birth to give you a head start on your postpartum recovery?
Are you wanting to return to exercise and sports you love postpartum without pain or pelvic floor symptoms?
Are you tired of dealing with pelvic floor symptoms including leaking urine with coughing, sneezing, exercise, pelvic organ prolapse or pelvic pain?
Holistic Health Physiotherapy can help!
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Free Guide:

Discover 3 Tips to Help Pelvic Floor Connection in Pregnancy (without doing 100s of Kegels a day)


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