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Resolve Pelvic Pain

Ideal for every woman (whether you've had a vaginal/cesarean birth or don't have children) who is experiencing pelvic pain. It's never too late to see a pelvic health physiotherapist.

Find out:

  • How YOUR core is working and how to use it optimally to create the best support for your body.

  • Why you have been experiencing pelvic, vulvar or vaginal pain.

  • How to resolve pelvic pain conditions including: dyspaeurnia (pain during intercourse), vaginissimus (pelvic floor muscle spasm), pain from endometriosis or vulvodynia (pain of the vulva).

  • How to release tension in your pelvic muscles and fascia.

  • How to decrease scar adhesions from birth (both caesarean and vaginal) to decrease pain and allow your core to work effectively.

  • Which types of exercises will be most effective in resolving YOUR pelvic pain.

  • How to increase your body-mind connection to help alleviate your symptoms.


Your individualized treatment may include any of the following:


  • Education about the causes that are driving your pelvic pain.

  • Internal pelvic floor manual therapy to decrease tension and increase strength/support for your pelvic and whole body system.

  • External manual therapy to increase joint and nerve mobility and muscle length.

  • Hands-on scar release techniques to improve core function (vaginal, cesarean, episiotomy, appendectomy).

  • Craniosacral therapy.

  • Myofascial cupping.

  • Acupuncture and dry needling.

  • Home exercise program tailored to your goals which may involve specific core exercises, yoga and Pilates based therapeutic exercises.


* Anita is happy to collaborate with other health or fitness professionals that you may be working with. If you do not currently have a support team she can recommend other professionals that can work together to help you reach your health goals.

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