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COVID-19 Clinic Update

Since July 2020, assessments have remained virtual and follow up appointments have been both in-person AND virtual based on individual client needs. Internal pelvic floor exams and manual therapy can be included during in-person follow up appointments.

Since COVID-19 precautions began in March 2020,  we’ve had the pleasure of supporting clients through over 800 virtual physiotherapy assessment and treatment appointments.  It's been wonderful to see how physiotherapy can be adapted and to watch clients progress initially with only virtual appointments and now with a combination of both in-person and virtual care.


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Our regulatory college has also set guidelines for in-person appointments. We will be reviewing the new protocols and procedures with you individually prior to an in-person appointment, but to summarize, they include:


  • Increased sanitization of surfaces and equipment

  • Client and practitioner COVID-19 screening prior to your appointment and the day of

  • Hand washing/sanitizing protocols

  • PPE including mask to be worn by your physiotherapist and clients

  • New protocol for entering the clinic (please text the clinic number when you arrive in the parking lot. We will notify you when to meet at the studio door for  COVID-19 screening questions, and pending screening questions are negative, you'll be guided into the clinic room right away)

  • Appointments are booked with increased time between clients to maintain physical distancing and sanitize the clinic space


If you’re a new client or returning client who hasn't been seen in over 6 months, your first appointment would be a virtual assessment. One of the many benefits of having your physiotherapy assessment virtually is that we can discuss all of your symptoms and concerns prior to coming into the clinic, while physically distancing and from the comfort of your own home. We will also discuss which follow ups would best be in-person (ie. for an internal pelvic floor exam) and which can be done virtually based on the findings of your assessment.  A great deal of our initial assessment is spent talking and educating, which is more difficult to do with masks on. 


During virtual assessment and treatment appointments, we also:

  • Discuss your specific pelvic floor, core or orthopaedic symptoms and concerns and put together a personalized plan to help you reach your goals

  • Evaluate your posture and movements patterns

  • Prescribe, observe and progress exercises specific to your goals

  • Provide labour and birth prep including pelvic floor considerations if you're pregnant

  • Provide postpartum recovery guidance and progression back to your goals including exercise, return to running, strength training, yoga and Pilates.

  • Discuss a plan of care to get you to your goals


Many insurance companies cover virtual physiotherapy appointments, however we recommend you to contact your company directly to check your coverage for both in person and virtual appointments as each company is different.

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This page and the online clinic scheduler will continue to be updated with any clinic changes as we gain more information over the coming months.

If you have any questions, please email


Yours in health,

Anita Lambert, (PT)

Registered Physiotherapist

Owner of Holistic Health Physiotherapy

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