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[Podcast] - Moving Forward After Stillbirth with Dorie

CONTENT WARNING: Today’s To Birth & Beyond Podcast episode is about one family’s experience with stillbirth. Please be compassionate and gentle with yourself as you listen and take breaks if you need them. LISTEN TO EPISODE HERE This episode is brought to you by Earth Mama Organics, a company making effective and safe herbal care for the whole journey of motherhood: pregnancy, postpartum, breastfeeding, baby care, or even the loss of a baby. Because motherhood is a wild ride—and we’re all in this together. https://earthmamaorganics.com/

[Podcast] - Postpartum experiences with a baby and toddler

On this week’s To Birth & Beyond podcast episode, we’re talking about the challenges and joys of postpartum life with both a baby and a toddler. We discuss our physical recoveries from our latest births, and our mental and emotional journeys as we manage the transition from one to two children in our families. What has changed? What has been surprising? What continues to be challenging? How are our relationships and work evolving as we manage the mother load? We get into this and more today! LISTEN TO EPISODE HERE

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