Bump, Birth & Beyond


[Podcast] - Reviewing 2018

This time on the To Birth & Beyond podcast, we revisit the top pregnancy and postpartum episodes of 2018! You will learn what we loved, highlights, resources, etc! Is your interest piqued? Listen to the full episodes anytime! LISTEN TO EPISODE HERE

[Podcast] - Prenatal Yoga with Deb Flashenberg

On this To Birth & Beyond Podcast episode, we talk with Deb Flashenberg, of the Prenatal Yoga Center, all about the benefits of yoga during pregnancy, when to go for it, when to avoid it, and preparing for birth! LISTEN TO EPISODE HERE

[Podcast]- Fear Free Childbirth with Alexia Leachman

On this To Birth & Beyond Podcast episode, we talk with Alexia Leachman about clearing fears before birth, the fear-tension-pain cycle, and more when it comes to fear around childbirth – and how we can become fear-free! LISTEN TO EPISODE HERE

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