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[Podcast] - Prepare Your Pelvic Floor for Birth

Today’s To Birth & Beyond Podcast episode is a re-share of one of our most popular posts and will be key for you if you’re thinking of becoming pregnant, currently are pregnant or a fitness/health/birth professional who works with expecting moms. We dive into sharing key tips about preparing your body for birth, bust some birth prep myths surrounding ‘kegels’, share our own experience preparing for birth and how we help clients prepare for birth (both vaginal or caesarean). LISTEN TO PODCAST HERE

[Podcast] - Fear, Failure, and Feelings with Shirin Eskandani

On this To Birth & Beyond Podcast episode, we talk with Shirin Eskandani, a certified professional life coach accredited by the International Coach Federation and…an opera singer?? She gives us advice on breaking the pattern of worrying, teaches us what the heck manifestation is (and how to do it), and walks us through how to start becoming a Wholehearted Woman! LISTEN TO EPISODE HERE

[Podcast] - Self Care Strategies

On this week’s To Birth & Beyond Podcast episode we’re looking beyond manicures and bubble baths (or not) to talk about our daily, monthly, and yearly self care efforts as moms, business owners, and partners. LISTEN TO EPISODE HERE

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