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[Podcast] - Pregnancy Support Garments

Today on the To Birth & Beyond Podcast is episode #3 of our 3-part pregnancy miniseries: Pregnancy Belly Support Garments. We go over what has worked for us, as well as talk through different brands, and why it’s important to talk about supporting one another in our belly support choices! LISTEN TO EPISODE HERE

[Podcast] - Pregnancy Body Image

Today is episode #2 of our 3-part pregnancy mini series of the To Birth & Beyond Podcast: Pregnancy Body Image. We talk all about the feelings around our rapidly changing bodies as we make room for baby, and how to handle outside – and inner – dialogue about our bodies. LISTEN TO EPISODE HERE

[Podcast] - Top Exercise Tips for Pregnancy

Today on the To Birth & Beyond Podcast, we are kicking off episode #1 of our 3-part pregnancy mini series with the top 5 pregnancy exercise tips every expecting mum needs to know! LISTEN TO EPISODE HERE

[Podcast] - All About Homebirth with Midwife Kaitlin Murray

Today on the To Birth & Beyond podcast, we speak with Kaitlin Murray about all things regarding midwifery. How to do your research and choose one, what is done in a home birth vs. at hospital, and even how to prepare your home for birth alongside a midwife (or two)! LISTEN TO EPISODE HERE

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