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[Podcast] - Nourishment, Adrenals and Naturopathic Medicine with Dr. Maryska Taylor

In today's To Birth & Beyond Podcast episode, we sit down with our very first guest, Dr. Maryska Taylor, who is Anita’s Naturopathic Doctor. We talk about nourishment, adrenal health, and the use of Naturopathic Medicine to help support moms. Dr. Maryska Taylor, ND is a licensed naturopathic doctor dedicated to helping women Love. Heal. Shine. Her signature approach to health and wellness begins with empowering women to truly love themselves because when they do, they radicalize the way they care for themselves mind, body and spirit, and they authentically show up in their lives living their truth. Dr. Taylor works with women online, in person and through wellness retreats. She walks her tal

[Podcast] - Postpartum Fitness Tips

In today's To Birth & Beyond podcast episode, we are going over one of Jessie’s FAVORITE topics, which is postpartum fitness. We are going to talk about what our bodies might require during this time, what we might want to look out for that might be signs or symptoms that something is up? We are going to dive into the mindset piece of this topic as well – why are we doing what we are doing in terms of exercise and WHY we want to return to exercise? LISTEN TO EPISODE HERE

[Podcast] - Work and Mom Life

In this To Birth & Beyond podcast episode we give you an insider look into how we structure our professional careers and our roles in motherhood. Our weekly schedules, what we love, what we struggle with, where guilt shows up, and how we’re building businesses with meaning, through it all. LISTEN TO EPISODE HERE

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