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[Video] Your Body After Baby - how to navigate postpartum changes

Join me and Dr. Gillian Sawyer, pre/postnatal chiropractor and mom of two to learn tips on how to normalize your postpartum experience and understand your 'new' body. Because the transition into motherhood can be rough... Because it can be lonely... Because you probably had that experience of “nobody told me...” or thinking “you were the only one”... Let’s ditch the “perfection of motherhood”. Let’s let our guards down just a tiny bit and tell people how we are REALLY doing. Let’s stop the stigmas around mental health. Let’s give ourselves permission to not be OK... because it’s ok to not be ok I f you agree with the above but feel you’ve had no resources and no accurate information to navi

[Video] Find out the benefits of prenatal and postnatal chiropractic care

Join Anita Lambert, pelvic health physiotherapist and Dr Sarah Mickeler, chiropractor and founder of West End Mamas clinic in Toronto to find out: - Top 2 benefits of seeing a chiropractor in pregnancy and after birth - Types of treatment involved in chiropractic care - How chiropractors can collaborate with other members of your birth and health team To find out more top tips to help you during pregnancy - grab my FREE e-resource guide with my top 7 tips I used and my clients use to prepare for birth: http://www.holistichealthphysio.com/free-resource-fear-free-birth

opt in - 3 common misconceptions - ipad.

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