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[Video] How to increase exercise intensity postpartum (the smart way)

Join me and Jessie Mundell, prenatal/postpartum fitness coach as we discuss the hot topic of increasing exercise intensity after birth. We both hear from women daily that no one told them HOW to return to exercise after birth - and they ended up with pain, pelvic floor issues like leaking and prolapse or a diastasis that never healed. The 'green light' to return to exercise isn't enough. If you're a health pro or fitness pro - you won't want to miss this info (that they don't teach in school). If you're a new or expecting mom - this is key exercise specific info you'll want to know for an efficient postpartum recovery. To stay in the loop about upcoming Holistic Health Physiotherapy videos :

[Video] Find out how to get rid of internal pelvic pain

Find out: -how to get rid of internal pelvic pain (aka. pain with intercourse, pelvic exams and using tampons/dive cup) - why you may be experiencing pelvic pain - how the pelvic floor is related to pelvic pain - what exercises are most helpful to resovle this type of pain Below are the resources we mention in our chat: 1. Lorimer Mosley TedX talk - Why things hurt 2. Flower bloom breath to release pelvic floor tension - http://www.holistichealthphysio.com/single-post/2017/05/30/The-Most-Beneficial-Breath-to-Use-for-Birth 3. Book - Why Pelvic Pain Hurts 4. Pain explained - NOI group 5. Guided meditation to release pelvic floor tension - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4syPT8gMDDA To stay up to

opt in - 3 common misconceptions - ipad.

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