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[Video] Your questions answered about Incontinence.

"Do you leak when you cough/sneeze/exercise or on your way to the washroom?" Find out: • should you do kegels when you leak? • do you need to stop the activities that cause you to leak? • how to stop rushing to the washroom PLUS so much more! To stay up to date on upcoming Holistic Health Physiotherapy blogs, videos and events : http://www.holistichealthphysio.com/stay-in-the-loop Get my FREE e-resource guide with my top 7 tips to help you have a positive, fear free birth: http://www.holistichealthphysio.com/free-resource-fear-free-birth

[Video] How to prepare your pelvic floor for birth

Find out: - What types of exercise can help you prepare for birth. - Can perineal massage really help prevent tearing? - Can certain birth positions help decrease strain on your pelvic floor? PLUS SO much more!! AND find out our top recommended resources to help you have a positive birth experience! Resources: Spinning Babies: www.spinningbabies.com

opt in - 3 common misconceptions - ipad.

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“3 Common Misconceptions When Preparing Your Pelvic Floor for Birth (and what to do instead).”


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