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[Video] Helpful tips for pelvic girdle pain

Do you experience pelvic girdle pain? This type of pain can be common during pregnancy and postpartum stages of life BUT doesn't need to become your new normal. This can be pain in the front, side or back of your pelvis (includes your public symphysis, sacroiliac joint or tailbone). For more tips on how to carry out daily movements with less pain such as walking, pushing a stroller, cleaning and so much more -> check out the FREE app called "Rost Moves Mama" created by Cecile Rost, a Dutch physiotherapist who has completed research using pelvic symmetry techniques that help women during pregnancy and postpartum who experience pelvic girdle pain. I have used Cecile's symmetry technique

[Video] Cesarean Scar Release

Since April is Cesarean Awareness Month - I'm sharing how to release tension in your scar after birth which may: ✔help resolve your pelvic/low back pain ✔help resolve your pelvic floor issues ✔help with healing your diastasis (ab separation) ✔help your pelvic floor and core work more efficiently ✔you can do this type of scar release each day If you have any specific questions about your scar or recovery, seeing a pelvic floor physiotherapist in your area can be helpful to learn what treatment and exercises would be ideal to achieve your health goals. **Please check with your care provider if you should be releasing scar tension if you're within the first 6 weeks postpartum. Scar rel

opt in - 3 common misconceptions - ipad.

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