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Answered: The 8 Most Common Questions about Incontinence.

( This post was originally published here.) Many of my clients have questions about urinary incontinence (aka. leaking, sneezy pees) which affects 1 out of 3 women. Here I answer 8 common questions about leaking: 1) What is urinary incontinence? Any amount of urine that leaks out (even a few drops) when you don’t want it to = incontinence. The most common types of incontinence are: Stress Incontinence: The leakage of urine when you increase pressure in your abdomen, which puts force down on your bladder such as sneezing (sneezy pees), coughing, lifting, or exercising. Urge Incontinence: The leakage of urine that happens with a sudden, uncontrollable need to urinate. Also known as an ‘overact

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